1. I started this blog as a way of documenting my season in Canada via pictures. It seems only fair I actually write a bit about what’s going on, even my young brain seems to forget things almost immediately. 

    This evening I’ve been working up on hill for the night, taking shots with Ben whilst he was grooming the park. So sweet to see someone that stoked on their job and creating a fun park for all of us to enjoy every day. Also got some more footage in preparation for next weeks slope-style event at Sunshine Village. Then got a few shots with Scott Moffatt during his performance in Chimney Corner restaurant. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him in the spring for slush cup.

    It has also been puking snow here! Last four days or so it’s been snowing pretty consistently, it’s made for some pretty epic powder days and I’ve probably had some of the best turns of my life. LC, pictured above, took me for a couple of runs on Goats Eye and we got a few sweet photos. 

    It then goes without saying, the new job is pretty awesome. Skiing around and taking pictures and video, pretty much the dream job. It can get a little stressful at times with tight deadlines and direction coming from all angles but I am thoroughly enjoying it. 

    I’m going to try and keep up with writing more about what goes on here, it’ll be a nice compliment to the pictures.

    Until next time. 


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